Wednesday, February 4, 2009

inspiration bored.

in all my spare time this week, i've done surprisingly little. Although the week did include a rousing trip to the dentist who informed ryan and i that we need a little over two thousand dollars of dental work. oh, and that our insurance really doesn't want to pay for much of it. yay, auto repairs, healthcare costs, and taxes!

i took pictures of new designs today, as well as pictures of packaging. i've emailed a few design blogs to see if they would like to do a feature on my work or an interview on what inspires me, where i get my ideas from, how i started making jewelry, etc.

for you, dear readers (all two of you), i will post some inspiring pictures, in hopes of inspiring myself whatever it is i'm supposed to be doing right now. which i'm pretty sure is making lunch.

an inspiration board. i need to make one of these with all those pictures ripped out of domino (r.i.p.), and all those paint swatches borrowed from restoration hardware.

this is a great idea, which i've seen a number of places now, which is to turn a vintage frame into a chalkboard. while the sound and mess of chalk on a chalkboard unnerves me, i could turn the huge vintage frame i already own into an inspiration board. you know, for behind my desk:

this desk, in white, is what i want more than anything right now. i feel like it's a practical purchase in this economy, and might inspire me to create new works of art in a workspace other than my coffee table.

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  1. I love the idea on the chalkboard! That is too cute! I might have to copy it, haha.