Friday, January 30, 2009

nothing is for like ever.

so, my favorite magazine is done, apparently. domino, a home magazine, which was (i believe) a spinoff of lucky, a shopping magazine, has come to an end, like blueprint before it.

word on the street is that it was because they charge only about $1 per issue, and their only real revenue comes from advertising. since everyone's hurting, advertising budgets are cut, and magazines can't survive.

domino has been the inspiration for many of my home decorating projects. every month, i tear pages and pages and pages out to place in a messy pile with the intention of one day organizing it all. despite the mess, i sort through the pile every time i want to repaint or add shelves or just need some ideas.

domino, you will be missed.

Friday, January 9, 2009

a tree and jewelry by the sea.

I finally photographed my Christmas tree, which, by the way, was still alive after a good 6 weeks. We sadly had to take it down a few days ago, even though it still smelled good, because there were some unsavory brown patches. I kept the tree lights on whenever I was home, and it created a lovely, sparkly glow in our living room.

The trick to keeping a tree this long, I concluded, is boiling water. I read this is not true, but it's worked for us two years in a row. Also important, not keeping your tree near a heating vent. Luckily for us, we don't ever run our heat- partially because there are always 3-6 computers on at any given time, and partially because the heat from the stove keeps this tiny place toasty for hours after we're done cooking.

I've also been up to taking pictures of my jewelry for my Etsy and website. The website doesn't have new pictures yet, but soon, it will get a brand new redesign, courtesy of Hase Design! It's all quite exciting.

I had a small surge of inspiration and made some new jewelry with my sapphires and ruby. The Amelia necklace is below, in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

The Avery necklace follows, with mint quartz and sapphires, in blues and greens. These were both inspired by some TenThousandThings jewelry I saw a long time ago and have had in my head ever since.

Max and I were quite excited to find that when you do a Google search of "Mint quartz necklace," the Avery is the very first 'organic' listing, meaning not a paid advertisement. Apparently, this has to do with many people linking to it from Twitter, other Etsy locations, and now, this blog! Stay tuned, loyal followers, for more hip and with-it designs.