Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a farewell to blogger, and to typing in all lowercase.

well, readers and friends,

the time has come for me to move on over to wordpress.

wp offers more flexibility, blah, blah, blah. but really, it's because max designed a beautiful new blog-centric website for me. so, find all further posts at:


but while you're here, go ahead and post a comment to:

my feature at the bright side project!

you could win a $200 gift certificate to my shop just by leaving a comment answering:

What piece(s) of jewelry in Marlo Noël's Etsy shop would brighten your day? How would you wear it or who would you give it to?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

jewelry not yet on etsy

love this one- the asher. champagne citrine (notice the new shape?!), london blue topaz (also new shape!), sky blue topaz, and smoky quartz, 18"- $78.

this is like a retired beanie baby. i'm not sure how, i just think it's funny when people compare things to beanie babies. actually, i'll tell you how. the smoky quartz stone above is really pretty, but the angle of the top of it is not something i was prepared for, and most were too wide to wrap. on the rest the wire just bunched and said, "no way, jose." i think the ones that worked went to the stores, and maybe i kept one. a new version of this necklace is available without so much wire wrapping at the top. 36"- $68.

this was made with valentine's day in mind, and although it's not in my etsy shop, it is available at jenni b. in monrovia and dreamy in encinitas. or just email me and i'll make you one. rose quartz and rhodolite garnet, 18"- $48.
these i only have one picture of, which is why they're not on etsy. i kind of like them, though, so maybe i'll have to make another pair and stage a photo shoot. black tourmaline and sapphires, $98.
the above bracelet and earrings are london blue, white, and sky blue topaz, champagne citrine, and smoky quartz. the whole blue and brown thing. i tried taking some artsy shots of the earrings in our christmas tree, but that was a disaster. looks like the lighting still wasn't great for the above pictures...earrings- $98, bracelet- $198.

this necklace is a version of a necklace i made and sold at the la county fair years ago, before i started photographing my jewelry. now it's called the mabel, and it's $298 if anybody's interested. adjustable from 16"-18".

that is a custom pendant i made for someone- a gift for her from her. it's similar to the avery necklace, with mint quartz, green sapphires, and headpins i made myself! the heart clasp isn't actually part of it, just holding it for the shot.

i made the above earrings for a bride last fall. keishi pearls, white topaz, and rhodolite garnet. I think they ended up being about 2.5 inches, and went nicely with her very drapey orchid bouquet.

Monday, February 15, 2010

i call it: restoration hardware under the big top

some fancy 60's yard sale furniture- a la marcia brady.

some framed paper from ps- and a wonderful wall of stripes (like a circus tent, get it?) thanks, ryan :)

my proudest achievement- a pennant banner originally made for maribel's shower (also kind of circus-y). actually that chair rail is my proudest achievement. do you know how i feel about chair rail and crown moulding and wainscoting?

my lovely anthro lamp which matches the smaller one in the living room, and my very favorite cliche poster- which i now own two of.

here's what our room looked like last week. if i ever get around to ironing (and starching, judging by the picture above) my new duvet cover and sheets and pillowcases, i'll post pictures of what it looks like now. although, it took me about a year for these pictures, so don't count your chickens.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

unique la

this saturday, my mom and i went to unique la, a neat show at the california mart downtown with a bunch of crafty local designers. we saw stacey winters, who makes (and photographs, cause she's a photographer!) the following stuff:

and her bluebird print is the cover art for a new book!

and kelly robinson, who is a friend of a friend, and had this neat booth setup:

she also has a cupcake and event planning business, where she does amazing stuff like this:

so much talent! we bought a few things for each other's stockings, and i could have spent thousands pretty easily. we had a lot of fun, and maybe next year i'll have a booth of my own!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

marlo noël in a new shop!

marlo noël jewelry has landed here right down the street in encinitas, just in time for the holidays. it's a fabulous little shop called dreamy run by the nicest networker ever, heather o'quinn. if you're local, go over and check it out! or go to their website, cause it's so lovely.

ps: clearly not my jewelry above, but isn't that picture beautiful? it's actually jewelry from chris bolton, a customer of mine at paper source who sells to celebrities like gwyneth paltrow. how neat!

and look at that little bubble- dreamy was just featured in in style magazine- what timing!

they also sell wonderful gift items. you should do all your shopping there. or here.