Sunday, December 21, 2008

a return to writing.

it's been a serendipitous day for me today, and i decided it was time to finally start the fourth blog of my life. i'm always saying, "i'm gonna blog that," about various occurrences in my life, but really, everyone knows i'm lying. it's mainly for me, because i really get a kick of reading my own life story in paragraph form, full of sarcasm and dry wit.

i also needed to start a new blog because it seems as if everyone has a design blog lately, and they're all interconnected. i, too, can find cute ideas, and would like to post them for the world (or the five people reading this) to see.

my serendipitous day included seeing a cute baby at work with her parents, whom i recognized from their own blog. i did not tell them this, as they do not know who i am. to be fair, we were once at the same baby shower. i asked the dad what the child's name was, even though i already knew it- but that would've been a little creepy if i just went up and said, "hi, clare! getting ready for the big move to texas?"

i met the doppleganger of my college friend, lauren. same smile, hair, sense of humor. when i asked for her address for our customer registry, the city she named was the same as lauren's. what are the chances.

it looks like we might be moving soon. my cottage (sweet eighties apartment) by the sea will no longer be mine. i hope to find a tiny beach home to move to- with crown moulding and built-ins. an updated kitchen with marble countertops would be amazing. thanks, santa. as a farewell, i am posting pictures of our decorating endeavors.

and now, i must go wrap some christmas gifts in white kraft paper. minimalist this year. the obvious choice considering my place of employment. our tree, however, is phenomenal, so i'll post pictures of it later in the week. i'm planning on keeping it here until the fire marshal drags it out.