Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm feeling pink

Paper Source, the fun company where I work, is introducing new colors this year (woo hoo!). Currently, we offer about 30 solid colors, including two pinks and four purples. A single new color introduction carries along with it about 10,000 pounds of paper. PS uses every scrap of paper they print, which means the edges get turned into business cards and tiny envelopes. This also means that they have to be pretty darn sure a color will be popular with the masses before they go printing a bunch. Up first- fuchsia (I really thought it was fuschia):

What a lovely color choice. People seem to be surprised about my affinity for pink, but I really do love it. Now, I wouldn't paint my room this above color, but i definitely have some jewelry storage boxes in the hue. I would, however, very gladly take this room:

The Eames rocking chair isn't absolutely necessary for me at this time, but i just love how warm and cozy the mixed colors and patterns feel. This is actually the living room of Nicole, from Making it Lovely. She even included a cradle, creating a sweet space for the whole family.

Anyway, upon seeing these pictures last night at 1am, I immediately wanted to re-do my entire living room. I once tried to paint a tiny room in our apartment (that at one point was going to house Max's captain's bed) pink, and the boys revolted. They could care less what else I do, just no pink walls! This coming from the boys who wear pink ties and painted-on jeans. When all was said and done and blue, Max said, "yeah, pink would've looked better."

And last, ranunculas, because, who doesn't love those?

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