Thursday, June 11, 2009

a masterpiece, of sorts.

yay for spending hours lining up rows of earrings just for this blog.

you can't see them all there, but there are 64 pairs in that lineup.

that setup was ridiculous, but looked so cool.

i found some new favorite color pairings laying these out.

citrine and smokey quartz- so modern, who knew?

i've been working on the above order for my favorite customer in japan for about 3 months now, and it's finally finished. now, i wasn't working all day everyday by any means. but the grand total was 84 necklaces, and 64 pairs of earrings. the necklaces were actually much simpler than the earrings. 64 earrings= 128 spiral wrapped stones, and 640 tiny headpins. my thumb and forefinger were a little sore for a few days. you can't really use a thimble while making jewelry.


  1. You sure had some fun layouts for your jewelry, I'm sure you don't get the chance that often to have that many in stock to photograph. You did a good job with the photography, hope that your customer is happy with them and that they order more in the future.

  2. it's true! i feel like i have enough inventory to open a store.

  3. Wow. This is so awesome! One day I'll buy all those beautiful earrings and necklaces!