Friday, May 8, 2009

i feel like this is turning into self-promotion...

which, it is, but it was supposed to be like an inside look at my life, or something. you know, beyond the jewelry. that sounds like a backstage tour. an incredibly exciting backstage tour. i promise i'll try harder!

which brings us to, a giveaway!!

the lovely australian blog, polka dot bride, agreed to do a giveaway of my jewelry for their fabulous readers. how nice of them! polka dot bride is a great wedding resource, with photo galleries of actual weddings (in blogland, i believe they're called "real weddings"), and drink recipes. they're even part of the top 100 aussie blogs. now, i read a few aussie blogs, and they are pretty great, i must say.

so, everyone out there, go enter to win! and i will make you $75 worth of fabulous jewelry if you are chosen. i think it's worth 2 minutes of your time. don't you?

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