Saturday, April 4, 2009

yet another giveaway, friends

the delightful divas in business are running a $50 giveaway to my etsy shop. Delightful Divas In Business (or DDIB) is an online community that promotes, connects, and inspires independent business women. how fabulous. they are even offering the chance for multiple entries. call all your friends, and enter, enter, enter!

thank you, robin and penny :)


  1. wow you have many great giveaways going on at the moment! i was just wondering if you were looking for more blogs to host a giveaway because I would love to feature you on my blog in the future! My blog is here:

    You can email me at: nicolemarielum if you have any questions! Thanks!

  2. Thank you again! I received my beautiful package in the mail today and L-O-V-E it all!